The 25 Most Incredible Foods Of 2011


From drool-inducing deliciousness to pop-culture-turned-edible to things that were just weird, 2011 was a landmark year for crazy foods showing up on the internet and causing our jaws to drop from shock and/or willingness to consume them. In honor of these culinary masterpieces and other bizarre food-related occurrences, here’s our incredibly edible list of The 25 Most Incredible Foods Of 2011.

Click on any food-title for additional photos, descriptions, and terrible jokes:

25. Wu-Tang Flan

A pop-culinary no-brainer that truly embodies the spirit of C.R.E.A.M. (Custard Rules Everything Around Me)

24. Taco Bell Dorito Taco

The long-awaited Watch The Throne of inebriated snack foods:

23. Ketchup Fountain

So, so gross and yet so, so necessary:

22. Banana Waffle Burrito

I was drooling after the first two words, then drooling on my drool after the third.

21. Coffee, To Anderson Cooper

Here’s an incredibly-staged clip of Anderson Cooper trying coffee and spinach for the first time. Who knew that the guy who couldn’t stop laughing at “pee” was actually so immature?

20. E.T. Danish

The only Danish that’ll have your taste buds phoning home…for seconds!©

19. Rihanna Pizza

One of 5 Iconic Albums Recreated As Pizzas, because, internet.

18. Ben & Jerry’s Dude Food

A fictional Big Lebowski themed ice cream flavor that sounds even more delicious than the “This Is What Happens When You F**k A Stranger In The Apples!” Sorbet.

17. The Supa Dupa Fly Ho Burger With Cheese

From “Fat Ho Burgers,” a Texas burger shop that unexpectedly raised eyebrows with its moderately attention-grabbing name.

Watch the latest video at

16. Broccoli House

David The Gnome Reboot, anyone?

15. Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich


14. Anthony Bourdain-Blessed Gay Ice Cream Shop

Your standard ribbon-cutting ceremony (language NSFW):

13. The Firebomb-Inducing Chalupa

A man who was unhappy with the amount of meat in his chalupa attacked a Taco Bell with a homemade Molotov Cocktail. I thought my ‘Bell passion was intense…

12. Disney Princesses Star Wars Cake

This thing is one Sh*t Hipster Ryan Gosling Says Tumblr away from being the entire internet:

11. Oscar Mayer Brunchables

My favorite meal from summer camp meets my favorite meal from now (which is Lunchables):

10. Terminator 2 Cake

Eat up, D*ckwad.

9. How To Eat Your Apple

A mesmerizing video. I now literally do this every time I eat an apple:

8. 9/11 Chardonnay

On one hand, a portion of the proceeds go towards a September 11th related charity, but on the other hand, it’s A BOTTLE OF 9/11 WINE.

7. Coneing

This video now has over 7 million views. You have now completed our course in Internet 101.

6. Pulled Pork And Pierogi Pretzel Sandwich

Smoked pork on a baked pretzel roll with caramelized onions and two potato pierogis = A fat beacon of light shining forth from my hometown baseball stadium:

5. Dippin Dots, Before They Go Bankrupt

The ice cream of the future is about to become the ice cream of the past before it ever actually became the ice cream of the present. WHEN IS NOW?????

4. Game Of Thrones Cake

The seat, armrests and backrest are chocolate cake with “bitter cocoa undertones” and dark chocolate icing, and the swords are chocolate fondant. ICE CREAM IS COMING…

3. 26-Pound Gummy Bear

At a mere $149 and 32,000 calories total, it’s a slightly better value than purchasing and eating an actual bear:

2. Star Wars Gingerbread Walker

The internet loves its elaborate foodstuffs and its Star Wars references, but this is the unofficial Grand Moff of both. I’ve got a merry bad feeling about this…

1. Burgers Made From Human Excrement

Do we have a word for “too amazing to be as disgusting as it should be?” AMSGUSTING. Done. Behold, the future:

The ad campaign writes itself:

Other Crazy Foods From 2011? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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