Which 2011 Trends Will We Regret In 2012?


Happy New Year, Fablifers! As we wrap up our Best of 2011 lists, we wondered what our future selves will think about the past year’s big trends. In fashion, there were a whole lot of animal prints, mismatched ’90s-reminiscent patterns, super-high heels, super-low-cut gowns, see-through gowns, missing pants, giant fur vests and a whole lot of geriatric-looking outfits. All sorts of ladies died their hair pink or applied Steven Tyler-ish feathers to their locks. Men continued to wear mustaches and beards. On the Internet, TMI Twitpics went to a whole new level (thanks, Anthony Weiner). On TV and in movies, nostalgia reigned, while in books, it was all about fear for the future.

We asked some prominent tastemakers which 2011 trends they think we’ll regret someday soon and got a surprisingly diverse response.

“Planking!” Questlove declared. “I don’t get it.”

“Leggings as pants,” Juno and Young Adult writer Diablo Cody told us, and then suddenly glanced down at her interviewer’s outfit. “You’re not doing that are you?”

“Is Justin Bieber my daddy?” Robin Thicke said, and decided to give his own spin to that paternity scandal. “We just found out that I’m Justin Bieber’s father. I was in Canada about 16 years ago.”

Andrew W.K. grossed us out with his explanation of why he hates “no socks when you’re wearing shoes.”

And David Cook displayed his rock-music loyalty, saying we’ll really regret “adding a dance beat to everything. I’m going to have nightmares the rest of my life about ntssntssnts …”

What trend do you think your kids will laugh at when they look at photos of you back in the day? Share your predictions in the comments or on Twitter.

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