Fergie, LeAnn Rimes Respond Very Differently To Baby Questions


While we gossip bloggers of the world are still breathing a sigh of relief that Babyonce didn’t arrive during our holiday weekend, we can’t help but stir up new baby-bump watches for 2012. Well, one watch, another “avert your eyes.” First up, the watch is for Fergie and hubby Josh Duhamel, who have been married for three years and together for eight. Asked during the New Year’s Eve party at 1 OAK in Las Vegas whether she’d be starting a family this year, she told People, “Maybe, who knows? We’ll see.”

(For the record, this may also mean “No.” As a woman who’s been married and happily childless for a long time, I would like to say that “maybe” is an answer I often give when I want the questioner to back the F off but don’t want to be as rude as they are for asking.)

And speaking of which, LeAnn Rimes really doesn’t want you speculating on her reproductive abilities and desires. The country star has been married to Eddie Cibrian since April, and thus a stepmother to his two boys. But as for her own kids, after one Twitter fan asked when she’d get her own baby bump and another speculated that she couldn’t have one, she fired back, “I have never even tried so please stop discussing my ovaries LOL.”

She later added: “Unfortunately it’s beyond not true & not something I feel people should throw around cause it takes some couples a long time to conceive & some never can. You didn’t offend me, I just think its crazy that people make articles out of nonsense, so when it comes to me and all the speculation I have to laugh :).”

Got that, everyone? Women will tell you about their baby plans when they’re good and ready! But sorry, ladies, people will continue to speculate no matter what.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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