Stevie Van Zandt Stars In New Netflix Series “The Norway Sopranos”


Netflix is currently preparing a massive foray into original programming in 2012, after acquiring the rights to the “new season” of Arrested Development and the much-abuzzed David Fincher / Kevin Spacey series House Of Cards.

This February, however, they’re releasing another series that’s flown much more under the radar, a “fish out of water” series called Lilyhammer, starring Stevie Van Zandt (aka Syl from The Sopranos and Stevie Van Zandt from the E Street Band) as a mobster who enters the Witness Protection Program and ends up in Lillehammer, Norway, the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Here’s the trailer for Lilyhammer. The phrase “Fuggeddabout skiing!” is never uttered, but implied:

Hm. On one hand, I’m all in favor of different entertainment avenues taking risks, and maybe Netflix will churn out some more AMC-style successes, but on the other hand, I’m kiiiind of not sure Stevie Van Zandt can carry a series by himself (we would’ve commented on his questionable Sopranos acting a lot more if A.J. Soprano hadn’t martyred himself to absorb all our bad-acting complaints.)

It just must’ve been awkward when the entire cast of The Sopranos (minus Gandalfs) showed up at the Lilyhammer casting session. What a missed opportunity for Poor Paulie Walnuts; maybe he can still sneak in a cameo as Kristi Yamaguchi’s dad.

(More Inf-po over at HuffPo)

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