Amber Rose Spills Kim Kardashian And Kanye Deets, Calls Kim A Homewrecker


Sometimes it’s nice to have a rumor confirmed…even if it happens over a year and a half after we peeped it for the first time. If your Twitter-shortened attention spans can recall as far back as April 2010, you may remember some gossip about a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West romance. The only problem? Kanye was reportedly canoodling with Amber Rose at the time, while Kim was on-again, off-again with the Miami Dolphins’ Reggie Bush. “They were both cheating,” Amber allegedly claims in an interview with Star, according to RadarOnline.  “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” Man…if only the beautiful debacle that was Kim Kardashian’s marriage hadn’t happened in the meantime. We’d be so much more scandalized by this!

According to Rose, Kim helped dismantle Amber’s relationship with Kanye through a series of explicit texts and emails. Gripes Amber, “She’s a homewrecker!” As Rose explains now, “She was sending pictures, and I was like, ‘Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person.’ I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me.  She never responded.” So then of course allegedly Amber and Reggie Bush got together on the rebound. Wow, revenge really is a dish best served cold…and 18 months after you first make it. It’s sort of like moonshine in that way. Or kimchi!

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