David Beckham Underwear Pictures: For Your Lunch Break Viewing Pleasure


Yesterday, we all rejoiced at this great news: David Beckham will probably continue to play soccer for the L.A. Galaxy instead of moving to Paris to play for some fancy French team. Just kidding. We like soccer and all. But we were actually rejoicing about the ad for David Beckham Bodywear for H&M that leaked all over the Internets. And now we are even happier, because the folks at H&M sent us the official pics of Becks in his skivvies, looking as hot as he always has at the ripe old age of 36, and making us forget that adorably squeaky voice of his. Actually, he also may make us forget that he’s selling underwear at all, unless it comes with a perfectly sculpted, tattooed man as well. (OK, for those of you actually in the market for the boxers, briefs, undershirts, pajama bottoms and long johns, they will be available on February 2.)

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[Photo courtesy H&M)

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