Sinead O’Connor Calls Off Divorce After Night Of Sweet, Sweet “Love Making”


Do you think Sinead O’Connor started to get a divorce just so she could listen to “Nothing Compares 2 U” and finally get it? That’s what we think, too, now that the Irish singer has called off her split from extremely new husband fourth husband Barry Herridge. “Spent a beautiful evening of love making with none other than my husband,” Sinead tweeted today, admitting. “We decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again and stay married, but we did rush.” We know living with her, Barry, is sometimes hard, but we’re glad you’re willing to give it another try. And by “is sometimes hard,” we mean “involves Sinead almost accidentally buying crack on your wedding night.” Really, nothing can compare to that!

The couple wed in Vegas on December 9 and announced their impending divorce on December 27, only to reunite last night. Ergo, we’re sure we won’t be hearing from them again any time soon. “So sinned got laid!!!,” O’Connor happily concluded on her Twitter account. Seeing her this happy, we’re assume Sinead O’Connor must have paid a visit to that doctor again. You know the one, who advised her,”Girl, you better have fun/No matter what you do”? In all seriousness, though, how does that guy still have a medical license?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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