Drew Barrymoore Engaged To Boyfriend Will Kopelman


Drew Barrymore‘s engaged! For the third time! People reports that Barrymore and art consultant boyfriend Will Kopelman pledged to lock it down over the holidays in Sun Valley, Idaho; the two have been publicly canoodling since February 2011. Now, we’re not claiming we know for sure that Tom Green is currently sprawled on the couch watching Freddie Got Fingered, clutching a photo of Drew to his chest with tears stream down his face. We’re just saying he was probably doing that anyway, so why would he stop now that he knows his ex-wife is getting hitched?

“They are very happy together,” a source said of the pair. That’s good; we wouldn’t want Drew marrying someone she hated. In addition her marriage to the comedian and author of “The Bum Bum Song”, which lasted from July 2001 to October 2002, Barrymore was also married to Welsh bartender Jeremy Thomas from March 20 to April 28, 1994. So cheer up, Tom! You’re still officially Drew’s longest marriage for a little while longer. And that’s something, huh? Yeah. Yeah it is.

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