Billy Crystal’s Oscar Promo Makes Us Wish We Were Watching The Princess Bride


“Humperdink! Humperdink! Humperdink!”

Well, that’s not exactly what a mustachioed Josh Duhamel and mostly silent Megan Fox tell Billy Crystal in the new promo for the Academy Awards, but it might as well be. Because seriously, as the reclusive Yeti formerly known as “The Host,” Crystal could not be more like his Princess Bride character Max unless he donned a giant fake nose.

The promo tells us so many things about this year’s Oscars:

  • As host, Crystal isn’t going to try anything too new and daring. The cameo of Robin Williams also backs this up. Not exactly cutting-edge comedy here. Unlike the surreal promos James Franco and Anne Hathaway made last year, which we all know, turned out to be much better than the actual show.
  • They’re kind of still trying to appeal to a younger audience, albeit lamely, by hiring Duhamel and Fox. (Cameos by William Fichtner as a producer type and Vinnie Jones as an all-knowing bartender thankfully don’t appear to be pandering to anyone.)
  • They seem to have a nice budget for the show, given all the complicated sets they used for the ad. So expect an elaborate opening sequence as well.
  • We will watch, of course. But there may be moments in which we will feel like Humperdink is subjecting us to the Pain. And we’ll wish we were watching our dear Wesley battle an ROUS instead.
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