Snoop Dogg Arrested In Texas. You Know What For.


Snoop Dogg was arrested in Texas this weekend after it was discovered that he was running a massive Ponzi scheme, a nefarious plot by which he was defrauding dozens of investors out of millions of dollars. Just kidding! Ugh, we cannot keep a straight face! While Snoop didn’t Bernie Madoff anyone, he did get arrested for marijuana possession in Texas this weekend. TMZ reports that border patrol dogs in the Texas town of Sierra Blanca sniffed out some of the wacky tabaccky aboard Snoop’s tour bus, which lead to a citation for misdemeanor possession. Hoo boy, but really. The look on your face. Just priceless.

While he was arrested, Snoop Dogg did not get taken into custody and, per his Twitpics, spent the rest of the weekend in San Antonio at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. As if Snoop would commit a crime that didn’t involve him laughing hysterically, eating so much pizza and falling asleep on a pile of coats. As if.

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