Amber Rose Feels So, So Bad She Called Kim Kardashian A Homewrecker


Amber Rose truly regrets the fact that she called Kim Kardashian a “homewrecker” last week for allegedly hooking up with Kanye West while he and Rose were still a couple. Don’t get her wrong, Kim definitely is a homewrecker; Amber is just so, so sorry she actually said it out loud. “I actually feel bad that I called [Kim] a homewrecker … ’cause that was kind of mean,” the model and singer told TMZ, adding “I forgive her … and I forgive Kanye too … it’s not a big deal, you know?” Sure! We often bring up our exes’ infidelities to the press for that exact reason. Because it’s such a teeny, tiny insignificant deal! Haha! Stop judging us.

Of course, since Amber is currently canoodling with Wiz Khalifa, we imagine it might be time for girlfriend to just get over it. Or at least pretend to in public. “I’m not a mean-spirited person,” Amber insisted. “I just acted on my emotions when I said it.” Now the more important question for Kim is: Does it count as being a homewrecker if you wreck your own home? Talk amongst yourselves.

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