Lindsay Lohan Up For Elizabeth Taylor Movie That Will Probably Never Happen


Lindsay Lohan is rumored for the lead role in Lifetime’s upcoming Elizabeth Taylor film Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, according to Deadline, but let’s just say we’re not stocking up on popcorn, Kleenex and Snuggies just yet. Well, we’re not buying any more of them, that’s for sure.

Because let’s be real for a second, shall we? In 2011 alone we heard rumors about Lindsay’s starring role in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story (no, no, not that Linda Lovelace movie), her potential turn as her mafia doppleganger Victoria Gotti, her aspirations to play Charles Manson victim Sharon Tate, and Stephen King’s desire to see Lohan covered in pig’s blood for a potential Carrie remake. We all want to see that pig’s blood thing happen, but so far absolutely none of these projects has ended in screen time for Lilo. Sadly, if Lohan appeared in even half the films she gets mentioned in connection with, her career would look completely different … and much less depressing. So would Lindsay’s trophy case, though by “her trophy case,” we of course mean “the back of Dina Lohan‘s toilet.” As it stands today, Lindsay’s last three films were Machete (2010), Labor Pains (2009), and… and … and I Know Who Killed Me (2007). Oh, girl.

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