Lindsay Lohan’s Double Trouble With The IRS And A Law Suit … All In One Week


Can Lindsay Lohan ever have one month without getting into some sort of trouble? Hell to the N.O. This time around, Lilo’s in for a double whammy. Issue no. 1 is with a paparazzo named Grigor Balyan, who is suing the actress for hitting him with her car two years ago. Seriously. It took him that long to take her to court? The incident happened on January 10, 2010, and he claims she drove into him while leaving a club in a hurry. His case is that he had to be treated for orthopedic and neurological injuries and Lindz’s insurance company made him “an an insignificant offer”  as compensation.

Issue no. 2 is also a blast from her problematic past. The IRS has come knocking with an astounding $93,701 lien, as their records state she didn’t pay her taxes in 2009. Lindsay claims complete innocence in the matter as she thought her accountants had taken care of her finances, including her taxes. Sources close to Lohan told TMZ, “Lindsay was completely unaware of the problem,” and said the issue is being taken care of immediately. Let’s hope an issue no. 3 doesn’t crop up and interfere with that Elizabeth Taylor movie Lindsay is supposedly in the running for. Because, as far as her recent run goes — what movies?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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