The 12 Most Adorable Presidential Dogs In U.S. History


In the midst of an extraordinarily divisive GOP Primary that will assuredly lead into an even more divisive Presidential Election, sometimes us regular American (professionally blogging) shmoes are left to wonder if rival politicians really can ever agree on anything. It turns out, there is, in fact, one – and ONLY one – issue on which nearly every president of the last hundred years has seen perfectly eye-to-eye regardless of their politics, platform, or party affiliation: Dogs are awesome.

Because we strongly agree with this sentiment as well, we’ve compiled the following playfully subjective list of the 12 Most Adorable Presidential Dogs of the last hundred years (sorry, William Henry Harrison’s pneumonia-retriever). Enjoy it now, cause it’s the last time we’ll all be agreeing on something vaguely political for the rest of 2012 (click any for Full Size):

12. Liberty, Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever

11. Millie, George H. W. Bush’s Springer Spaniel

10. Rob Roy, Calvin Coolidge’s White Collie

9. Bo, Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog

8. Rex, Ronald Reagan’s King Charles Spaniel

7. Laddie Boy, Warren Harding’s Airedale

6. Barney & Beazley, George Bush’s Scottish Terriers

5. Buddy, Bill Clinton’s Chocolate Lab

4. Checkers, Richard Nixon’s Cocker Spaniel

3. King Tut, Herbert Hoover’s German Shepard

2. Fala, Franklin Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier

…And FDR’s Trusty Drivin’ Dog

1. Him, Lyndon Johnson’s Beagle

Honorable Mention: Feller, Harry Truman’s Cocker Spaniel

Technically, according to this crazy story, he was never officially Truman’s dog. BUT LOOK ADDEMMMM:

Bonus: Bill Clinton’s Cat Socks At The White House Podium

My current choice for 2012. WASHINGTON NEEDS A MEOWTSIDER.

(pics courtesy of Getty Images)

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