12 Hot And Busted And Amish Folk




Our love affair with the Tumblr Hot And Busted was fleeting. One day, it was the toast of the internet town, and the next day, it was taken away from us, silently, cruelly, without explanation. I fell asleep that night hugging a body pillow made of prison tats. Life without Hot And Busted was not one worth partaking in.

So thank GOD for The Smoking Gun coming to the rescue with these 12 mugshots of Amish people. As they say in Pennsylvania Dutch Country “Let us pray not for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.” But as they also say, “Don’t cut the beards off of your neighbors because you will end up on The Smoking Gun.”

This is exactly what these 12 sexxxxy Amish folk did. According to the TSG, these 12 people cut the beards off of men and hair off of women who they had some religious disputes with. As a reminder: These are not photos of the victims! Even though they look like they were secretly butchered by Jean “Supercutz” Louis David, I reiterate, these are the guilty folks. And I think we can all agree… they’re HOTT.*

See the Top 10 ahead.











*SOMEONE PLEASE BRING BACK HOT AND BUSTED I AM DYING HERE. Also thanks to Jezebel for the poorly-cut heads up on these.

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