Heather Locklear Hospitalized For Taking Mix Of Alcohol And Prescription Drugs


Heather Locklear was rushed to hospital yesterday after taking a very dangerous combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. She had to be taken by ambulance after her sister called 911, panicked that the actress was in trouble. According to TMZ, Heather was lucid and awake when she arrived, and doctors reckon she may be well enough to be released tomorrow, as she’s responding positively to treatments.

What is going on with Heather? We know she just broke it off with fiance Jack Wagner. Was she drinking heavily? What prescriptions drugs is she taking? The latter’s an old demon of hers. She had taken one too many back in 2008, which her doctor thought was an overdose and the 911 operator thought was a suicide attempt. It was later found out to be a false alarm. So many questions. But we’ll ask them when she’s better, which we hope she will be soon.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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