Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson Talks Jennifer Lawrence, Epic Pranks


Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson opened up about Peeta’s kiss with Katniss at the People’s Choice Awards last night (“It’s good,” he promised). That seems like more than enough to get his loyal band of Peeta-philes (note to self: never use that term again) jonesing for a real life romance between Hutcherson and co-star Jennifer Lawrence. “I don’t know how you can be prepared for that kind of thing,” the actor laughed when Celebuzz asked about the pressure to have a spark with his fellow Tribute. “People are always going to infer and draw their opinions. I’m ready for people’s opinions, that’s for sure.” The fact that Josh didn’t just immediately say, “Get a life, people” gives us the warmest feeling in our tiny, shriveled hearts.

If there is romance in their future, at least Josh and Jennifer already passed an important relationship milestone: peeing in front of each other. Oh sorry, we meant, peeing on themselves after being startled by a mannequin. “They had a full life-sized dummy of one of our tributes that had gotten killed by a tracker jacker, and basically it’s all swollen and gnarly-looking and mangled, and Jennifer was out of her trailer so I took the dummy and put it inside her bathroom in her trailer,” Hutcherson revealed to MTV News with a grin. “I wasn’t there for the big moment when she saw it, which I can’t believe I missed, but I’ve been told that she actually peed her pants in reaction to it.” Ugh, we should be ashamed that this sort of makes us swoon, right? Okay, that’s what we thought.

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