The Situation Sued For Ripping Off Serious Pimp


News that The Situation defrauded an actual pimp would be a surprise to absolutely no one. Even rumors that a pimp had somehow taken him to court would result in only a single raised eyebrow. That being said, try to keep your jaw from dropping and your monocle from falling in your martini glass when we tell you the Jersey Shore star is currently being sued by Serious Pimp, an actual men’s clothing line. Did he do it just so we could write that amazing headline? The world may never know.

In all seriousness (or, like, some seriousness), The Sitch, or Mike Sorrentino as his parents might still call him, was hit with a lawsuit today by the company, who claims they paid the reality star $25,000 to promote their t-shirt line on the show, Twitter and Facebook. Allegedly neither the Situation nor his brother, also part of the suit, made good on the deal. Wait one minute…are we to believe that The Situation hasn’t tweeted, said or otherwise conveyed the phrase “serious pimp” at least 12 times a day for the past 2 years? Even accidentally? Either way, this lawsuit is shaping up way better than when The Situation filed a suit against Abercrombie & Fitch…or his own dad.

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