Octavia Spencer Complains About Her Louboutins And 10 Other Great Golden Globes Press Room Moments


There’s a party going on right here at the Beverly Hilton. The Golden Globes truly are a celebration to last through out the year. (Check out our favorite moments from the show!) Dare we say that it might even be the most fun night in Hollywood… EVER. Everyone — press, crew, celebs — is in good spirits, the booze is plentiful, and the emphasis is on having a good time. And everything is so pretty! The Beverly Hilton is a beautiful and iconic spot any day of the week, but there’s something extra magical about tonight’s event. The red carpet actually felt like a living, breathing thing and it. Is. FIERCE.

But the best part of the night was, of course, hearing from the winners, in all their sweet, excited glory. We were stationed in the press room and had the privilege of listening to all their best moments — from the absolutely ridiculous to the downright cry-worthy. We count ‘em down for you below.

  • Octavia Spencer kicking her shoes off in the middle of answering questions, and then delivering this important message: “Christian Louboutin, I love you, but when you have this much weigh you gotta give us a little platform.”
  • George Clooney answering the “Where is Ryan Gosling?” question: “He’s [working] in Thailand. And you know what they do in Thailand.
  • Matt LeBlanc having a “Joey” moment onstage, answering a reporter’s question with “How you doin’?”

  • Meryl Streep: “I can’t believe I said sh– on TV! I never do that.” It’s OK, Meryl, you’re allowed one curse word per award win each year.
  • Jean DuJardin, charming the entire room. Seriously, THIS MAN SPARKLES. “My name means ‘of the garden,’ ” he purred, “so I am very grounded.” Later, he walked off stage holding Uggie, the dog featured in the film, and the entire room melted.
  • Steven Spielberg doing a goofy dance for the cameras. Doesn’t he know he’s THE Stephen Spielberg? Dawson would be horrified.
  • Sofia Vergara very gleefully confessing that she did not wear any underwear.
  • Julie Bowen holding hands with her TV daughter, Ariel Winter.
  • Michelle Williams making the room choke up with her words about her real-life daughter, Matilda Ledger: “There’s no part of my life that goes untouched by my daughter.”
  • Kate Winslet refusing to answer a reporter’s question about Lindsay Lohan wanting to play Elizabeth Taylor: “I’m not going there, dude.”
  • Madonna dropping some earth shattering news: She doesn’t do pilates anymore! “The best thing for your bum is dancing,” said Queen Madge. “I can’t believe I’m telling you that.” Also we can go on the record and say that her arms don’t look crazy in person.

But the BEST best moment is captured in the photo below:

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[Photos: GettyImages]

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