20 Still-Working Foreign Language Wikipedias To Keep Wasting Your Time


Who cares if English-language Wikipedia is down for 24 hours? Don’t let that stop you from your daily procrastination – everything you’d ever need to look up on Wikipedia is still there, it’s just written in foreign languages that you probably can’t read, which makes them EVEN BETTER FOR PROCRASTINATION.

To keep your workday random and unproductive, here’s everything you need from Wikipedia on 20 Non English Wikipedias That Are Still Working.

Click Any For Full Size:

1. Spanish

2. Slovak

3. Hebrew

4. Portuguese

5. Russian

6. Lithuanian

7. French

8. Hungarian

9. Finnish

10. Hindi

11. Finnish

12. Turkish

13. Indonesian

14. Malay

15. Croatian

16. Persian

17. Polish

18. Chinese

19. Bulgarian

20. Vietnamese / Universal Internet

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