Taylor Swift Talks To Vogue About Middle School Rival; Rival Talks Back


Taylor Swift discussed more than just her thousands of break-ups in this month’s Vogue; she also name-checked her real-life middle school rival Sarah Jaxheimer. “That seventh-grade girl who looks like she’s 25,” Taylor calls her in the interview, wondering, “How do you do it, Sarah Jaxheimer?…Why is your hair always so shiny?” Unfortunately Jaxheimer didn’t exactly know she was someone’s archrival, which kind of takes the fun out of things. “Maybe she just really liked my hair? I can’t think of any reasons,” Sarah told PopDust after the site hunted her down. “I’m just gunna take it as she remembers me and she liked my hair…I also think Taylor’s hair is beautiful, and she’s blessed to have the curls she has. ” Ugh, actually this girl is too nice. We can see where Taylor’s coming from.

Luckily Sarah gave up some real dirt that might explain her status as Swift’s nemesis. “Well, I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was dating the boy she liked,” Jaxheimer explained. “But at the same time it was junior high and nothing was serious, just crushes. Taylor never yelled at me or anything. I don’t think any of her songs are specifically about me.” Yeah, or maybe you gave Taylor Swift her first material ever! Taylor should really be thanking Sarah; the only songs we could write about middle school would be about JNCOs and puka shell necklaces. How did we think that looked cool?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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