Adam Lambert Opens Up About The Bar Brawl That Landed Him In Jail


His Glamness Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland last month following a massive fight with his partner Sauli Koskinen outside of a club. The incident landed them both in jail, but now Glambert says things are fine between the two and chalks the whole thing up to much booze. He opened up about the experience on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this afternoon.

“What happened was, we had too much to drink. We screwed up,” he told Ellen. “There were no injuries, no violence. It was more of childish, foolish, messiness.” The argument between Adam and Sauli started in the Helsinki club DTM, but grew even more heated once they got booted out. When onlookers tried to intervene, Adam reportedly attacked them. Police were called, which resulted with several hours of jail time.”When you add alcohol to a situation, things can get out of control and some people can get upset and emotional,” he continued.

But things are still great between the couple, who were recently named  the FABLife’s weekly Hotness. “I was a little irresponsible and I think what I learned from the experience was that I owe it to myself, to my loved ones, and to my fans to be a little more adult and pull it together.” Head under the jump to see what else Adam has to say!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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