ATTN: This Video Is For New Yorkers’ Eyes Only


OK, we know. “No More Sh*t People Say Videos!” is what all of you are screaming in the faces of strangers on the daily for the past week. And we agree. It’s like “Enough is enough!” That is until one comes along that’s like “Sh*t Morty Feinbaum Says” and YOUR NAME is Morty Feinbaum. Well, I mean Morty, we can’t blame ya, ya gotta watch it right? What I’m trying to say is that while we have all unanimously called for an end to the trend, it’s still here, they’re still funny, and you’ll still watch them despite your doth protesting to muches.

This is all to say that our old BWE blogger and current friend Eliot Glazer along with his sister Ilana (of Broad City fame) has put together a “Sh*t New Yorkers Say.” Yes, it is a very specific type of New Yorker… think NYU grad. The magic of New York is there are so many KINDS of New Yorkers! And Eliot and Ilana nail a type that I myself became quite familiar with in my 12 years of living there. Think white person living in Brooklyn. Thinking it? Great. You will love this. Enjoy!!

“You have to go to Brooklyn… it’s the law!” — EVERYONE HAS SAID THIS