Spice Girls Reunion Rumored For London Summer Olympics


Whether it’s the excitement we’re experiencing in our souls or the 6-inch-platform sneakers we fished out our closets, the idea of a Spice Girls reunion is definitely cutting off the blood to our extremities. RadarOnline reports that The Spice Girls might allegedly take the stage for a performance at the 2012 Olympics in London. “Mel B and Emma Bunton are agreeable to doing it, but the holdout seems to be Victoria Beckham,” their source claims. “She has so much going on … and she isn’t agreeing to it — yet!” You know Victoria secretly wants to though. Why else would she have kept that same haircut in memoriam all these yeas?

We have so much catching up to do. Scary Spice, Posh Spice and to a sliiiiiiiightly lesser extent Ginger Spice and Sporty Spice have stayed in our field of awareness. But what of Baby Spice? Ugh, why did we unsubscribe from their fan newsletter? The proposed reunion would be part of a promotion for the upcoming Spice Girls’ musical Viva Forever, a long awaited piece of pure genius as well as our favorite nonsensical title of all time. “The girls are so very excited for their musical to be released,” the source adds. “They absolutely love what [comedian and screenwriter] Jennifer Saunders has done with the script. It’s going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen on stage.” We’ll be waiting, everlasting, like the sun. So, does a Spice Girls reunion make you want to zigga zig ah, or are you content to slam your body down and wind it all around without the Spice Girls?

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