Did The Situation’s Bentley Get Repo’d?


To the Douchemobile! MediaTakeout reported today that The Situation’s personalized Bentley has allegedly been repossessed, a tragedy that they claim to have the reader photos to prove. How do we know that the Jersey Shore star’s ride didn’t just pull a Knight Rider and escape with the help of her friend the tow truck, though? Someone get David Hasselhoff on the phone! We need his expertise!

Whether it’s getting sued over Twitter promotions, filing a lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch or being forcibly (and hilariously!) removed from the Apple Store, there is no amount of trouble the Situation could get into that would truly shock us. That being said, according to TMZ, the Sitch’s car was allegedly being taken in for a tune-up, not to be crushed into an Axe-scented cube by the IRS. Besides, if the Situation’s car was actually being repossessed, wouldn’t we have seen him clinging to the bumper, sobbing with an inconsolable rage? Those photos would be everywhere.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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