Halle Tries To Block Visitation, Nanny Denied Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry


Halle Berry seems to be gearing up for an all-out brawl with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla Ariela. For better or for worse, it will all have to wait until Monday. Following charges of battery and child endangerment filed by Nahla’s nanny Alliance Kamdem, the Academy Award-winner actress attempted to block her model ex from seeing Nahla until the investigation is over. Judge Scott Gordon instead opted to postpone their hearing until next week, when Judge Mark Juhas returns from vacation. Judge Juhas had been working on the case prior to his leaving for vacation, and will no doubt be thrilled to have it waiting on his desk when he gets back.

Meanwhile, the nanny was denied a restraining order against Aubry, despite her allegations that Berry’s ex yelled at, insulted and at one point shoved her in the presence of his child. Kamdem even goes so far as to claim that Gabriel once denied treatment for a rash Nahla developed. The judge presiding over her filing claimed that her petition was “insufficient and speculative.” Aubry’s rep reminds TMZ, “Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate.” So which situation would be worse: that this is all a deliberate fabrication or that it’s the awful truth? Both, right? Both would be worse.

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