Tim Gunn Admits: “I Haven’t Had Sex In 29 Years”


On a very special episode of his new show The Revolution Tim Gunn admitted that it’s been quite a long time since he had a gentleman suitor take a turn on the catwalk. About three decades long, to be exact. “I haven’t had sex in 29 years,” the Project Runway host revealed on the show today. “Do I feel like less of a person because of it? No.” Gunn went on to explain that a negative experience during an “intense” relationship lead to his long-time celibacy. “He was impatient with my sexual performance,” Tim said of his unnamed ex as he blinked back tears. Too bad they couldn’t make it work! Haha, do you get it? We have to laugh or else we will never stop weeping.

This isn’t the first time Tim has talked about his sex life (or lack there of) in public, but it certain is the saddest! Despite his still raw emotions about the decision (and the fact that the world is a cruel, cold, unfeeling place for hurting someone as wonderful as him), Tim Gunn reminded everyone that sex is not the most important factor in a good relationship of any kind. “I’m a perfectly fulfilled person… but it’s very physiological,” he said. “I’m happy to be healthy and alive, frankly.” We couldn’t agree more! Well, unless we were agreeing to egg this guy’s house with you and Heidi while wearing matching couture face masks. Then we would be even more agreeable.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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