Armie Hammer Busted For Pot Possession In Texas


The Social Network? More like The Stoner Network! Eh? The Stoned Ranger? Yeah, we’re happy with that one. TMZ reports that Mirror, Mirror actor Armie Hammer was arrested for pot possession back on November 30. The time delay suggests to us that Armie’s publicist has been hustling to keep this incident out of the news. Unfortunately, our hunger for embarrassing celebrity stories cannot be satisfied. Might we even say we have the “munchies” for humiliating celeb news? No? Alrighty then.

The Lone Ranger star was reportedly found with three medicinal pot cookies and one brownie by drug-sniffing dogs at a border patrol checkpoint. The arrest was made in Sierra Blanca, Texas, the same town where Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been busted for the same giggle-inducing crime. As a result, Hammer spent a one single day in jail. Let’s just hope his fellow prisoners were big Reefer fans. Because Armie was on that CW show Reaper? We are trying so hard to please you.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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