Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks Describes Her “Outrageous” Effie Trinket


I experienced a tiny bit of job envy when I was introduced to the CapitolCouture Tumblr this week. Can you imagine getting enough access to those movie stills to write blogs about Effie’s gold McQueen peep-toe shoes? I’ll have to settle for having met Effie Trinket herself last week. Oops, #humblebrag. After Elizabeth Banks and I shared a little lament over having given away all our copies of The Hunger Games, I asked her if she minds that we ask her more about playing Effie than, say about her movie that’s out this week, Man on a Ledge.

“I’m really happy to talk about The Hunger Games, especially with fellow fans,” she said. (You see that? We are “fellow fans” now!) “It’s going to be a great movie. Anytime you make something that you know is going to be highly entertaining and is about something, it’s a really special experience and something that I’m really looking forward to sharing.”

Twitter fans asked us to ask her about Effie costumes, naturally. But despite our newfound bond, she was pretty vague on the matter.

“Effie Trinket is a really theatrical person; she’s outrageous,” she said. “I know that people have a lot of ideas in their minds about what she should look like and we just had a great collaboration. This is what we came up with and Suzanne Collins blessed it, and that was our goal, just making her happy.”

Argh! But what does she wear?! She probably promised an exclusive to those bitches at Capitol Couture. Desperately, I asked what kind of “collaboration” she’s getting ready to do for Catching Fire, now that the Games sequel has a new screenwriter and director Gary Ross has signed on to return.

“I have no input,” she laughed. “Who knows where it’s going? There will be a whole new Hunger Games!”

Oh, well. The mysteries remain until March 23!

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[Photo: CapitolCouture.PN/Lionsgate]

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