Did Terry Richardson Photograph Himself Having Sex With Juliette Lewis?


Actress Juliette Lewis does seem to be the kind of lady who is game for all sorts of crazy antics. Still, we wore the expression she has above when we glimpsed a rather graphic photo, first tweeted by the aptly named @TotallyNSFW and then posted on Fleshbot. Gawker is convinced that it is indeed what it appears to be: Juliette having sex with Terry Richardson while standing up. Update: Gawker received an email from Juliette’s publicist denying that the photo is of the actress, yet simultaneously demanding that they take the photo down.

Here’s all we can post of the pic:

She has done photo shoots with him. Here’s a safe-for-work but still kinda gross example from 2009. And Gawker confirmed that the studio in the photo is definitely Terry’s. The only way it is not what it seems is if: A) That girl just looks a LOT like Juliette Lewis; B) that’s Juliette’s head Photoshopped on someone else’s body; or C) Terry used his powers of photography to simulate their sex act. Um. Well. Between Miley’s penis cake photos and this, we need about 100 showers right now. How about we go back to that photo of Liam Hemsworth’s puppy?

[Photos: Getty Images, Twitter]

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