Chloe Sevigny Joins Amanda Seyfried In Lovelace After Demi Moore’s Exit


Demi Moore pulled out of her role as Gloria Steinem in the porn biopic Lovelace approximately 24 hours ago. According to People, this was juuuuuust enough time for Chloe Sevigny to join the cast as “a feminist journalist assigned to write a story about Lovelace.” While the site doesn’t confirm specifically that Chloe has stepped into Demi’s comfortable-yet-stylish shoes, the description of Sevigny’s role seems to fit Moore’s ground-breaking character to a tee. A tee with no bra under it, because that bra is going up in flames. Woo hoo! Historical dramas, ya’ll!

While the turn-around in finding Demi’s (alleged) replacement might seem quick, keep in mind that Lovelace has been shooting since the beginning of the year. Just this week Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard appeared in all their hot pants and mustache glory on-set in Los Angeles. With any luck they won’t have to reshoot all of Demi’s scenes, since we have to assume they went directly for the sexy parts first. Why? Oh, no real reason. That’s just what we would do, if we were a director. A director with his or her priorities straight.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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