Demi Moore Released From Hospital, 911 Call To Be Edited For Drug References


Demi Moore: now is the time to just do you. And only do you. According to E! Online, Moore has allegedly left Sherman Oaks Hospital in L.A. after being admitted on Monday; the Margin Call actress reportedly received treatment after suffering seizure-like symptoms, a crisis which prompted a late night 911 call. The site also confirms that Ashton Kutcher will be returning to the city from his trip to Brazil today, which begs the question: would you be helped or hindered by a visit from Ashton Kutcher after having a seizure? Think about it. You don’t have to answer right away.

While we’re glad to hear Demi is almost certainly recuperating on the couch in her Forever Lazy, TMZ alleges that the 911 call made on her behalf must be edited to remove drug references before being released to the public. The L.A. City Attorney allegedly recommended that the clip be redacted to protect Moore’s patient confidentiality. Sounds like a reasonable, ethical decision…that implies all sorts of bummer scenarios about Demi’s hospitalization. If true, the City Attorney’s decision could lend credence to the claim that Moore was using nitrous oxide (or some other recreational substance) prior to her medical emergency. So…maybe hold off on that visit for a little while, Ashton. Everyone loves a Edible Arrangement, is all we’re saying.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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