Is Lindsay Lohan Being Sued By A Nanny For A Car Accident In 2010?


That’s the thing about lawsuits. They can hit you at any time, even a whole year and a half after the offending action. Just ask Lindsay Lohan whose latest bout of trouble is courtesy of nanny Nubia Del Carmen Preza. Back in September 2010, Lindsay allegedly ran her Maserati through a stop signal in West Hollywood and supposedly hit Nubia, who was pushing a stroller across that intersection at the time. At the time, TMZ published the story, which hinged on freelance photographer Brayan Jaime’s account of the alleged hit-and-run. He revealed that it was “full impact … It was a major hit.”  According to Jaime, the car’s bumper hit Nubia in the leg and struck the stroller “in the middle, knocking three of the four wheels in the air.”

No harm was done to the child in the stroller, but when asked why nothing was done about it at the time, Jaime’s take is that, “She was in shock and Hispanic, so she was scared.” That has changed now, and TMZ reports that Nubia is suing Lindsay for unspecified damages, stating that she was hurt during the hit and run. Gossip Cop has a different take, writing that LiLo’s camp has said they haven’t yet received the lawsuit and therefore can’t comment on the situation. Is a lawsuit really pending then? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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