20 Paris Couture Fashions We Hope Don’t Go Mainstream


First of all, we love looking at the Paris Haute Couture shows. They are art. They are fun. And we know that those giant gowns made of metal and rare animal hides are not actually meant to be worn by real human beings. But as anyone who has every Miranda Priestly quote from The Devil Wears Prada memorized well knows (is that just us?), the statements made on the runway do often find their way, however obliquely, to the lowly retail stores we mortals frequent. Or at least to the gowns that our favorite stars wear to the red carpet. And that fact sometimes scares us. Because we really, really don’t want to see Charlize or Michelle or Angelina looking like a sunburned flower gladiator next spring. (Though we do agree with Best Week Ever that this is a style everyone will enjoy wearing.) You will be scared too, once you look at this gallery of the top 20 styles from the Spring 2012 Couture shows that we really don’t want to see leave the catwalk.

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