Adam Lambert Discusses His Style Shift From “Lisa Frank Unicorn” To “Classic With An Edge”


What can I say about Adam Lambert that you don’t already know? He is absolutely delightful, fun to talk to, and is wonderfully humble despite being mega-talented. I arrived at our interview in Beverly Hills this week to find Adam decked out in an all-black ensemble, the only color popping from his bright blue shoes. The singer, whose new album Trespassing drops mid-March, is well known for his eccentric fashion taste, but I couldn’t help but notice that his outfit was a bit on the subdued side. Naturally, I had to ask about his current sartorial mood.

“I think what you’re drawn to fashion-wise has to do with where you are emotionally and what you’re exploring in your life,” said Adam. “I think there was a point where, two years ago, in the middle of my first album, where it was all so ridiculous. And I was doing that on purpose. I was having so much fun being completely over the top. And that felt good, and that was what I wanted to express at the time.”

“I wanted to put feathers on and be this kind of glam-rock, glitter fantasy Lisa Frank unicorn,” he said of that time in his life. “I was kind of making a statement and being extra bold on purpose.”

Adam described his current fashion phase as “a little more streamlined, in my life too.” Said the singer: “I’m drawn to clothes that are just a bit more classic with an edge. Something that’s still weird and special; but I’m into a more geometric, darker [look].”

“But who knows,” he said with smile, “I may be wearing neon yellow tomorrow.”


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