Sarah Jessica Parker Beats Out Mary Louise Parker For Demi’s Lovelace Role


Demi Moore‘s role of Gloria Steinem in Lovelace has become a hot commodity since the Bobby actress had to drop out this week, but if you’re wondering which celeb will be cast as her replacement, get ready to wade through a few dozen suggestions. Last night Chloe Sevigny was rumored for the role after joining the cast last minute. This morning, the rumors were focused on Weeds‘ star Mary Louise Parker while this evening? None other than Sarah Jessica Parker. All of them are amazing actress; all of them would look amazing in high-waisted bell bottoms. Since those are our only criteria, how could we possibly decide?

Oh wait, we guess the decision has been made for us. EW reports that it was Lovelace filmmakers Rob Eptein and Jeffrey Friedman themselves who confirmed SJP’s hire, which seems like a solid selection. So there is no chance the movie features a time-traveling Gloria Steinem who accidentally meets multiple version herself after slipping through a wormhole? Please? We said please!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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