Hunger Games Director: Jennifer Lawrence Deserves A 2013 Oscar Nom


Hunger Games director Gary Ross is already calling for a 2013 Oscar nomination for his leading lady Jennifer Lawrence, a lovely gesture despite being more or less like your dad trying to get you nominated for the 2013 Best Kid Awards. “The range in this performance, the emotional terrain that she investigates, the demands of what this role are,” Ross gushed to EW about Lawrence’s Katniss. “It’s such an intensely physical role and an emotional one. She carries the entire movie. To be able to do that at that age is so kind of incredible that I was in a little bit of awe. Do I think she should be nominated? Absolutely.” Looks like we’ll have to wait until March 23 to see if we agree! Haha, just kidding! We’re ready to give Jen an Oscar right now based on the Hunger Games trailer alone.

Of course, Lawrence already has one Oscar nomination under her belt for her star-making turn in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, a movie which, now that we think about it, has almost as much violence and survival against all odds as we’re hoping her new film will have. “We were all a family,” Lawrence gushed right back about her director. “Everything that I love about the movie, and everything that got me to say yes to this movie, was Gary.” Is it lame to say the odds of Jennifer winning next year are in her favor? But they are!

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