Miss Piggy Is More Of A Wolf Blitzer Gal


Fox News has certainly gone after its fair and balanced share of critics. But perhaps they should have thought twice before setting their conservative phasers on legendary felt-faced actors known commonly as “The Muppets.” The station has accused The Muppets of pushing — breathe in now — a communist agenda — and exhale. Thrown in with this is the notion that the Muppets are against the oil industry, laughable really, when obviously Ms. Piggy is a Moroccan oil girl.

Thankfully, one journalist had the good sense to clear all of this up, during a press conference for the new film in England. And it’s amazing how much can go on in that little felt head of theirs, as the Muppets proceed to ZING THE SH*T out of Fox News. Now, we’re not taking sides here on the political front, but you know we love it when Miss Piggy keeps things all too real. Not to mention, she and Piers Morgan used to have a thing together… so it’s only right.

(via ONTD)

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