Ozzy The Balancing Dog Wins This Year’s X Games


Ozzy the Collie — birth name Osbert Humperdinck Pumpernickle — is pretty remarkable. That’s because lil Ozz manages to do what I could barely myself accomplish in a beginner’s yoga class: Balancing on his little dog pulkes with his paws up in the air on just about anything: Chains, ropes, signs, trains full of circus runaways, you name it.

A balancing dog may not seem like a big deal, but why don’t you tell me that again after your local animal limbo contest:

The photos are cute… but the video of him trying to balance is some straight up Bobby Fischer sh*t.

Here is a photo of Ozzy trying to break in to church to thank God for his dog given gifts:

We’ll even let Ozzie source the story:

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