Season 4 Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Will Make You Gag On Your Eleganza


The fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres tonight, January 30, at 9 pm on Logo. And, as any good network would, Logo has given us a 2 minute preview of what we can expect on this brand new season. Including exchanges like this:

“Yes, I am a showgirl, bitch, go back to Party City where you belong.”

Which leads me to ask… is this an insult? Because I love Party City and I’m not ashamed of it. Where else can you walk out with a Spongebob pinata and a sobrero full of Nerds? (All involved in my usual weekend activities.) The winner of this season will win $100,000, which if my calculations are correct, translates to some amazing DRAG FIGHTS and SMOKEY EYES.

The NewNowNext Blog has a guide to all of your wonderful Drag Race constants. Judging by this list and this list alone, my money is on William… because, obviously.

Ahead, RuPaul stops to chat with EW’s Tanner Stransky about the new season while simultaneously dressed like the star of a 1970s gay cowboy porn. It’s perfect.