Justin Timberlake’s Hair-volution: Celebrating His Birthday One Curl At A Time


Justin Timberlake turns 31 today, and while we’re mostly hoping that with age, comes the realization that he owes the world another album. What can we do to petition fiancee Jessica Biel to get on our side with this? Well, while we hope for him to bring the sexy back, some of us aren’t so eager for the return of some of his style choices of years past. JT’s no stranger to trying out new ‘dos and has always kept us guessing from color to length. In his ‘N Sync days, Justin’s two-toned curls graced many a girl’s bedroom walls, but maybe they need to stay there? These days, Justin’s keeping it clean and tapered with a buzz cut. And what do we think of his facial hair experimentation? The Friends With Benefits star has sported a beard or two in his hair-volution. Justin’s ability to pull off these many ‘dos seems to be another of his many talents. So, join us in wishing him a happy birthday as you browse through his hair hits and misses.

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