Nicki Minaj Video Deemed Too Raunchy, Allegedly Banned By BET


Hope you packed your eyeballs with Nicki Minaj‘s filthy florescent-colored diss video “Stupid H–” when you had the chance. According to TMZ, you won’t be seeing it on BET anytime soon. While the channel allegedly didn’t specify whether it was the video’s plastic Barbie-fied booties or filthy language or, lord, just about everything else that pushed it over the line, either way BET deemed the spot too explicit to broadcast. Aside from the fact that it’s smothered in raunch dressing, we personally would have banned the Nicki Minaj video just for that unsettling image of Nicki’s face morphing into a cheetah head. That is just…not right.

The whole thing also really makes us wonder about Nicki’s Super Bowl appearance. Should we have the kids should watch it with blindfolds on, just in case? What do you think about BET’s decision?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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