The Fear Remake Starring Justin Bieber, Now Reese Witherspoon Approved!


Everyone born after 1970 and before 1986 remembers Reese Witherspoon‘s excellent turn in the ’90s horror movie Fear. That roller coaster scene? We have never not been disappointed by a trip to Six Flags since. Nor have we ever full trusted Mark Wahlberg, who played the movie’s seductive villain. Just kidding, Mark; our mothers say hello! It was only a matter of time before we were treated to a Fear remake, and we’re glad to see Reese approve of its rumored star: Justin Bieber. “Great. That would be cool,” Reese exclaimed to MTV. “Would he be playing me or Mark Wahlberg?” Oh Reese. You are basically a human roller coaster…of delight!

Turns out, Witherspoon wasn’t poking fun at Justin’s dulcet tones or his soft, shapely locks. She was seriously asking. “Is it like a girl who harasses the family, like a stalker who can’t leave him alone? That would be good,” Witherspoon muses. “I mean girls get crazy about him.” Reese is totally right. If they switch the sexes, the movie could pretty much be shot as a documentary. Think of all the money the filmmakers could save! They could just rent Busch Gardens for the day, let a hundred girls loose on Justin aaaaaand that’s a wrap!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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