10 New Things We Love From The Hunger Games Trailer #2


Take note, all you spoilery movie trailer editors: This is how you give us multiple trailers that satisfy our craving (sorry) for new stuff, without giving up the whole movie. The second Hunger Games trailer doesn’t contain a single new scene that wasn’t in the teaser or the first theatrical trailer (except for this one glimpse of Katniss in a yellow dress, above), but it gives us new quotes and new camera angles that reveal just a little more about the characters and plot. For instance, what was just Gale’s voiceover from the teaser about her being stronger than the other tributes we now get to see coming from him directly. And the only thing that kind of bugs us, just because it’s so different from the book, is that opening moment with the pin (more on that later).

The general feeling of trailer #2 is less eerie (and the soundtrack has a lot to do with that), more dramatic. Katniss seems a little more vulnerable, while Peeta starts to come to life a little more. Flip through the gallery of 10 new things we noticed, and then let us know what you noticed too!

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