What Is Jennifer Lawrence Is Looking Forward To In Hunger Games Sequels?


To our 2011 selves who may have maybe for a minute doubted that Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence would make the right Peeta and Katniss in The Hunger Games, I present exhibit A: the actors’ latest interview with MTV News. The two are absolutely hilarious together, teasing and complimenting each other in a way that suggests they formed a real bond in the arena. Our favorite moment is when they’re asked what they’re looking forward to in the sequels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Major spoilers and video after the jump.

“We get married!” Lawrence says in a funny baby voice.

“We get married,” Hutcherson echoes, before squawking as he points to his ring finger.

“I kept doing that to him,” Lawrence says of the gesture. “Every time I would annoy him on set, I would go, ‘Aaack!'”

“Reminding me that we are going to get married,” he fills in.

“God, I sound really annoying whenever I talk about myself in the past,” she admits.

“But she’s charming in the here and now; that’s what’s important,” MTV’s Josh Horowitz offers.

“Is it?” Hutcherson returns quickly.

OMG, we cannot get enough of these two. Also, it sounds like we could be getting a lot of them when the movie comes out — well, the same amount of them but on a really big scale. Lionsgate announced that The Hunger Games will be reformatted for IMAX and play on the giant screens for one week when the film comes out on March 23. We will possibly wet our pants if we have to see the muttations that big.

[Photo: MTV News]

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