The Top 2 Groundhog Day Related Movies Of All Time


It’s Groundhog Day, and we on the internet are struggling to greet this holiday the same way we greet every holiday: With themed, numbered lists blatantly designed to capitalize on otherwise extremely minor events (think 11/11/11). Rather than conceding that there just aren’t many Groundhog Day related things and miss this golden opportunity, we have instead spent the day doing intensive pop culture research and engaging in passionate staff debates to come up with the following informative list that you should totally send to all your friends.

Behold, The Top 2 Groundhog-Day-Related Movies In Cinematic History:

2. Groundhog Day

This Bill Murray / Andie MacDowell classic functions expertly as an enjoyable, watchable comedy and as an insightful philosophical exploration of fate, love, inevitability, and self-betterment. It is, in our personal estimation, unquestionably one of the greatest films ever made about the holiday Groundhog Day.

And the #1 Groundhog Day-related movie of all time is……….

1. The Godfather

A gripping tale of family, loyalty, idealism and corruption, The Godfather truly is one of the greatest films of all time, and I think part of it might take place in or around February, I can’t really remember. But it counts, right? Just look at that poster. BOOM! WE HAVE A LIST.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this expedition through cinematic history. Don’t forget to argue about our selections in the comments and to share this valuable list on Facebook and Twitter while Groundhog Day is still trending!

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