19-Year-Old Rupaul Looks Exactly Like Tyra Banks


A photo has emerged of our favorite Earth Angel RuPaul back from when he was 19 in — brace yourself — 1979. (I know “black don’t crack” but this is some deal with the devil sh*t.)

But when seeing his pic, I couldn’t help but notice how much dear Ru resembled one of my other favorite people on the planet, dear friend Tyra Banks. That perfect bone structure, the amazing skin…


I am hoping that pointing out this resemblance of these two legendary icons will further up my chances of being asked to be a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and/or America’s Next Top Model, but only time will tell. (They won’t ask.)

We have a couple more side-by-sides of these two beauty queens ahead. The resemblance is untranny.