Chris Rock Wants Melissa McCarthy For His “Jerry Springer” Bride In New Movie


Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, and love is in the air. Love of a good paternity-test joke, that is. While attending the Sundance premiere of his new dramedy Two Days in New York last week, Chris Rock admitted that he is currently making the moves on Bridesmaids breakout Melissa McCarthy. Comedically speaking, of course. “I’m trying to romance her,” the comedian revealed, explaining that he intends to snag McCarthy as the other half of the rowdy, dysfunctional “Jerry Springer couple” at the center of his new untitled script. Wait a minute … this rom-com sounds like it might actually have both romance and comedy in it! We knew it had to happen sometime! Steve Wilkos can cameo as their best man!

According to the L.A. Times, Rock has apparently “made some inroads” into wooing McCarthy for the part. A quick look at her IMDB page, however, suggests McCarthy’s dance card is filling up pretty fast, so Chris needs to lock it down now. Honestly, we’re not too worried about these two. We believe in a Rock/McCarthy team-up movie more than we believe in the existence of romantic love. Besides, is there anything more dreamy than the prospect of a choreographed two-person “You Are Not the Father” dance? We didn’t think so.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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