Demi Lovato Is All Grown Up And Really Loves Lollipops


Well, if her past year of sexy performances and videos haven’t proved to you that Demi Lovato is no longer a sweet little Disney girl, her shoot with Tyler Shields might. It’s not on the level of Shields’ Lindsay Lohan vampire murder scene shoot, but it’s provocative nonetheless. She seduces a lollipop, smashes a mirror with a hammer, dons a ’50s pinup wig and, in a simple, bold shot, looks quite daringly at the camera with her hair slicked back, a dress falling off her shoulders, one eyebrow raised and bright-red lips parted in a way that is definitely not suited for the typical Sonny With a Chance viewer.

“Doing a crazy photoshoot with the infamous/brilliant @tylershields.. Beyond excited.. But um I hope I survive……. :P” Demi tweeted earlier this month, and later marveled at the glass in her hair.

That tease was enough to get the Lovatics hounding Shields to post the photos. “I have received more emails asking me to release this shoot then any other shoot I have ever done Lovatics are dedicated fans!” he wrote on his site. And Demi was clearly eager to show them off too.

“When I showed her the images she was really excited and could not wait for us to post them so that her fans could see a different side to her,” the photographer told Us Weekly.

As hot as these pics are, we kind of want her to do more of the dramatic mirror-smashing ones next, and maybe work in some headless Barbies, too? You know, if they’re taking requests.

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