Terry Richardson Helps Lady Gaga Get Ready For Some Footbaaaaaaaaaaaall


Lady Gaga isn’t about to sit around in her sweatpants all day eating seven-layer dip to commemorate Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Well…maybe just a little dip. She is rooting for her home team, after all. Luckily for Lady Gaga, she had her frequent collaborator photographer Terry Richardson on hand to help her really become one with the pigskin, Gaga style. Oh, and just to be clear, Gaga style means topless and snarling.

“Lady Gaga holding a football,” Richardson captioned the most sporty shot in their photo shoot. “Go Giants!” Terry also snapped Gaga astride a motorcycle, which seems like the least practical way to get to Indianapolis before kick-off, but what do we know? We still have so much chili to make before Sunday; we don’t have time for cycling or snarling! Plus we really should not be topless around the Crock Pot.

[Photo: Terry’s Diary]

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